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 The Wych Elm, Scotch Elm or Witch Elm.
 Also known by dowsers as a Witch Hazel.

The logo of our company is the Wych Elm, known by dowsers (water diviners) as a Witch Hazel for its pliable and forked branches. It is however, the bark of the Hamamelis Virginiana, a North American tree, that is distilled to make the Witch Hazel we use as the carrier for our insect bite spray and other sprays and lotions. Our founder, Dave Eastabrook, was interested in herbs since Tolkien made them popular in Lord of the Rings, and read and studied many books on the cultivation and use of herbs. He grew many in his garden, and these were used not just for his wife's cooking, but for midgie and cleg (horse-fly) bites, and his childrens' wasp and bee stings. We plan a Herb Guide for information and a list of books with culinary, cosmetic and medicinal properties of herbs.

 pestle and mortar Our commercial involvement with the Internet started in 1998 as European, African and Australasian distributors for an unusual software product for Y2k, the year 2000 computer problem. We continued to advance our knowledge by active participation in forums such as the First Tuesday Scotland entrepreneur network. This encouraged us to turn a fascinating hobby into our first herbal product, Itch Ease, in the year 2000. This was followed by Sting Ease for wasp and bee stings, Toots Ease for tired feet, and after requests and suggestions from many of our trade customers, and much research, experimentation and testing, Stop Bite. This is our very popular midge repellent made from Bog Myrtle, Lavendar and Rosemary, and has been sold since 2003. It enjoys many repeat sales and referrals from tourists and hillwalkers, fishermen and sailors, golfers and campers, or just for those who've spent too long outside, at the calm damp evening's BBQ, and have suffered the unwelcome attention of that pest in the west - the Midgie!

 Totally Herby Totally Herby of Scotland is a trading name of Elmbronze Ltd. We are a Scottish company formed in 1994, registration number SC150540, based in Largs in the West of Scotland on the Firth of Clyde. It operates this website and other connected innovative websites, and operates its own web server. This gives us control over our own quality and security, and full independence. Our virtual webserver is totally dedicated to our own websites, no-one else has access except the trusted support personnel for the physical server. Now (June 2008) we have our own dedicated server, we don't even share the physical box.

After requests and even demands from existing direct customers of these websites, we now have (November 2005), our own secure SSL ordering, with 128 bit encryption. This means that when your order is on its way over the internet, nobody can see your name - or credit card details. The SSL is facilitated by a certificate. The certificate is provided by Comodo who certify 17.5% of the world's online e-commerce. Unlike many SSL certificates Comodo not only verify that the website is owned by the certificate holder, they also check that the company is a valid trading company, with a valid registered trading address and in our case as a UK company, memorandum and articles of association. The certificate is for one and only one website:, (it doesn't even cover If ordering was done via SSL from our supporting websites such as, they would also enjoy 128 bit encryption and security, but you would get a warning that though the certificate is valid and in date, the website name doesn't match the one on the certificate. As we have these websites on the same server as Totally Herby, they enjoy the same security. For complete peace of mind, though, please use our central ordering page and look for a padlock on the status line of your browser, or similar.

Our founder worked freelance for many years in the computer software industry, half for IBM, many of those developing their extremely high quality strategic program products, used by most large corporations world-wide as the solid reliable heart of their huge computer systems. Also at IBM and much of the rest of the time, we were in manufacturing, and our experience in Quality production is fully used for making and supplying Stop Bite, Itch Ease and other products to you.

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