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Health and Safety Policy

 Scottish Law
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Please also see our environmental policy, equality and diversity policy and quality management policy.

Our Health and Safety Policy

As a family business Elmbronze Ltd - trading as Totally Herby of Scotland - the directors have overall, final and day to day responsibility for health and safety. We build this policy into our every activity, from resourcing, manufacturing and compliance, through to sales, distribution and supply.

Prevent accidents and work-related ill health
Relevant risk assessments completed and actions arising out of those assessments implemented. (Risk assessments reviewed when working habits or conditions change.)
Provide clear instructions, information and adequate training
Staff given necessary health and safety training (including working at height, lifting, hot wax, fire and electrical safety) and personal protective equipment.
Implement emergency evacuation or accident procedures
Escape routes kept clear at all times. Evacuation plans are tested from time to time and updated as necessary.
Maintain safe, healthy and hygienic working conditions, and ensure safe storage/use of substances
Toilets, washing facilities and drinking water provided. Inspections, testing and maintainance of equipment is routine, and action is taken to correct any defects.
Health and safety law poster is displayed
on workshop wall near small kitchen area, with No smoking, No running and Fire Safety notices.
First-aid box is located
on shelves near exit
Dry powder fire extinguisher is located at
1. next to exit, 2. opposite bathroom
Fire blanket is located at
1. next to exit, 2. opposite bathroom, 3. at end of storage aisles
Accidents and ill health at work reported
under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations)

This is a non-stop cycle, we consider all these parts to be totally interdependent, and treat them that way.

Last updated: 28/02/2018.

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