Natural Herbal sprays for
 insect bites and repellent

New prices for Totally Herby of Scotland

 Made in Scotland
 Quality products
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 Scottish Midge  midgie bite -
 spray relief.  Totally Herby
 of Scotland.
Unfortunately we have to increase prices on 1st May, these will be our new prices.
A few prices are not changing, these are marked with an asterisk *

Prices (in GB Pounds) valid at least a month
Midge Head Net, black, green, pink, other   £7.99
Full Midge Monty - Repellent, Itch Ease, Head Net  £19.95
Midge netting 150cm wide - small pack*  £4.99
Midge netting fabric - medium pack  £11.99
Midge netting fabric - jumbo pack (0.75kg)    £59.99
Care Plus natural insect repellent spray, 60ml   £7.99
Care Plus natural Stick, 50ml   £7.99
Care Plus natural Roll-on, 50ml   £7.99
Care Plus natural minispray, 15ml   £3.49
Care Plus Deet chemical repellent spray, 60ml   £7.99
Care Plus Deet minispray, 15ml   £3.49
Care Plus Saltidin chemical repellent spray, 60ml   £7.99
Itch Ease for itchy midgie bites, 50ml spray   £7.99
Sting Ease: wasp & bee stings 50ml spray   £7.99
Bugout Bag - Repellent, Itch Ease and Sting Ease  £19.95
Toots Ease tonic foot spray, 50ml spray   £7.99
Minty Toes fresh foot spray, 50ml spray   £7.99
Sagey Feet for sweaty feet, 50ml spray   £7.99
Three Feet, all 3 foot sprays in hessian bag  £19.95
Midge candle - 3 inch pillar 40 hour   £8.99
Compact midge candle in a tin - 10 hour *  £5.00
Care Plus SPF50 Sun spray, 100mls * £12.99
Care Plus After Sun lotion, 100mls * £10.99
Care Plus Tick repellent spray 100ml   £8.99
Care Plus Tick repellent minispray 15ml   £3.49
Care Plus Tick remover (grip and twist)   £4.49
Care Plus Ticks-2-go tick out   £4.49
Care Plus Emergency blanket   £4.49
Care Plus walkers First Aid kit   £7.99
Care Plus Click-Away Bite relief   £7.99
Care Plus Travel set of 5 minisprays 15ml  £14.99
Frankincense & Myrrh, Cinnamon & Orange, Mistletoe, Cranberry, Vanilla or Xmas Spice highly scented candle, coloured organza gift bag    £6
All six new organza candle gift bags    £28
Frankincense and Myrrh or Cinnamon and Orange candle in gold holly organza gift bag for Christmas    £6
Frankincense and Myrrh oils gold organza bag    £12
Cinnamon and Orange oils gold organza gift bag    £6
All four gold organza Christmas gift bags    £22
Dried bog myrtle - 10 gram   *  £3.99
Dried bog myrtle - 25 gram (approx 1 oz)  *  £8.99
Dried bog myrtle - 250 gram (10 oz) *  £70
Dried bog myrtle - 1 Kg (about 39 oz) *  £260

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