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Best midge repellent? Some advice.

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We're often asked "does Care Plus midge repellent work?"

The active ingredient of our natural repellent is lemon eucalyptus, which is very effective against midges, mosquitoes and ticks. We used to make our own repellent Stop Bite with bog myrtle for 11 years, but find Care Plus natural repellent more effective. We use it all the time all over the place in Scotland.

Citriodol which is the extract made from lemon eucylaptus has been around for many years. Different repellents work for different people, apparently it depends on skin type, diet and other factors, so we also sell two other Care Plus repellents, both chemical not natural, one is made from deet which has been around for decades, and is still the favourite of fishers and hunters, who have to stand or sit motionless for long periods of time. It can melt plastic however. The other is Sensitive which is made from saltidin (icaridin), a German chemical, which doesn't melt plastic, and smells very pleasant on the skin.

For some people insect repellents just don't work, and a few lucky people don't need them at all. For some people, by the time they spray on the midge repellent they've already been bitten. Some people are natural midge magnets - take one with you!

Best advice is to spray on 10 minutes before going out, and smooth over the skin with your hands so as not to leave any exposed skin uncovered otherwise the midges will find it and bite you. Keep spraying every couple of hours or so, depending on activity. Some times the midgies seem to be more ferocious than normal, best thing then is to keep moving at a brisk walking pace, stay indoors - or cover your skin and wear a midge head net. We recommend our own midgy net - "The Stopper" Midge Head Net which we designed and have manufactured in Scotland from carefully selected materials for comfort, visibility, and resistance to showers. You can use Care Plus Natural with our net, and spray more on while wearing it to keep midges getting too close.
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 Care Plus  natural repellent
Care Plus insect
natural repellent
60 ml spray

 Care Plus  deet repellent
Care Plus insect
deet repellent
60 ml spray
 Care Plus  sensitive repellent
Care Plus insect
sesnitive repellent
60 ml spray

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