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Welcome to potential suppliers for our manufacturing operations.

We are NOT INTERESTED in web or internet services such as SEO, directories or portals, logos or online advertising, or computer or printer supplies. Begone!

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Totally Herby of Scotland adheres strictly to all relevant
cosmetic, manufacturing and trading regulations, and so do you,
with batch numbers, ingredients if relevant, full Quality checking,
country of origin. Please give trading address with your information.

Wanted NOW:
1). From Scotland only. Scottish Bog myrtle (myrica gale) essential oil in quantities of single or mutliple litres. Prices and availability please. Also dried bog myrtle, though we do have one source already. Fresh bog myrtle also, August or early September, please supply price per Kilogram (or binbag!).

Nothing else currently.

We are also always interested in herb processing equipment, bottling and labelling equipment. For the future we would like to hear about plastic bottles, sprays, labels, cardboard boxes, culinary herbs including bog myrtle, though we do like our current suppliers. If you look at our trade pages you can see what else we might be interested in.

Enquiries from Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland and also from countries willing to export are very welcome.

To tell us about yourselves and products please preferably use our supplier contact form.
If neccessary email: (address changes regularly to reduce spam).
 our current default Email Address is -
 supply14 at (at sign)

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Elmbronze Ltd is registered in Scotland (1994) SC150540.
Elmbronze Ltd., Unit 5, Keppenburn Workshops, Fairlie, KA29 0AS, Scotland, UK.

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