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 midgie bite -
 spray relief.  Totally Herby
 of Scotland.
20th Sep 2018: New season Dried bog myrtle in stock.

Care Plus pocket size natural midge repellent repels midges, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects. The Natural is made from lemon eucalyptus (Citriodol) and is safe for kids! It comes in a 60ml spray, stick, roll-on and 15ml minispray. There is more information on our Midge Repellent website. Also deet and saltidin repellents, anti-tick and sun sprays.

 midgie bite -
 spray relief.
Our own sprays are Itch Ease for itchy insect bites, Toots Ease with rosemary to refresh your feet, and wasp and bee Sting Ease comforting spray. They are totally natural with no chemicals. We make these with fresh herbs and witch hazel, in 50 ml. (2 oz) pump spray plastic bottles.
 midge repellent sprays and sun protection
Care Plus Natural midge, mosquito, tick + other biting insect repellent is child friendly and skin kind. Clinically proven, lasts 6-10 hours, suitable for adults, and children over 3 months old. Plus full range.
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Prices of all products are on the right, or to go to the order page click here. For more information on a product, click on its name to go to the webpage.

"The Stopper" Midge Head Net for midge eXtreme is designed by us, and made exclusively for us in Scotland. It has a showerproof breathable microfibre top, and very fine soft mesh material for excellent visibility and comfort, shaped loosely at the neck with elastic, with our innovative snug-fit collarette. It is available in black, white, green, pink, blue and stone. The most popular colour is black, followed by green and then stone, worn as seen on Cruising With Jane McDonald (and bought on full episode). The net is also suitable for wearing with the natural midge repellent.
 Midgie Head Net for
 maximum protection,
 comfort and visibility.

After many customer requests we sell plain small, medium or jumbo packs of our midge netting now in ALL six colours. The insect netting is the same material used in our head nets, it is a delicate fabric, please treat with care. All netting is 150cm wide, the small pack is 110cm long, large is 3 metres and the jumbo is 20 metres long. The pack has no fittings or instructions.

 midge repellents, stick and roll-on
We used to make our own traditional Scottish midge repellent from bog myrtle but Care Plus Natural from lemon eucalyptus is a very effective insect repellent, and works better than ours did, even in the thickest clouds of midgies. This comes in a handy pocket sized 60ml pump spray bottle, a 50ml roll-on, 50ml stick and 15ml minispray. To complete the Care Plus range we have the Deet spray and minispray, popular with people fishing or working outdoors, and a pleasant smelling Sensitive saltidin (icaridin) spray, a chemical developed in Germany used in popular repellents in Scotland.

 Midge candles made with citronella,
 lavender or bog myrtle essential oils
On the right, Citronella, lavender and bog myrtle Midge candles. These 3 inch pillar candles are solid and chunky, they weigh about 340 grams, and should burn for up to 40 hours. They are handmade by us in Scotland to our own "recipe" and use high quality oils, wax, wicks and colours. The Bog Myrtle candle is glowing green, the citronella candle in a vibrant yellow, and the lavender candle in a purple lilac colour. As well as being attractive, they smell lovely! We used to call these anti-midge candles, but the EU doesn't allow us to do that any more. The labels now just describe them as "citronella candle" etc., and they are shrink-wrapped. New photo needed!

 Midge candles made with citronella,
 lavender or bog myrtle essential oils You can also get our midge candles with these fragrances in a compact size in a tin, with a burning time of up to 10 hours and a total weight of 75 grams. The lightweight tin, with a click opening lid, is 70 mm diameter by 20 mm deep, and very convenient for storing in a backpack for campers or walkers.

 the Full Midge Monty bag -
 2 herbal sprays and a net
Our Full Midge Monty bag has a bottle of Care Plus 60ml lemon eucalyptus insect repellent spray, 50ml Itch Ease after bite and The Stopper midge head net in a green hessian draw-rope bag, saving £3 on the combined item price.

 three feet for a
 sweet feet treat Left is our Three Feet bag, for a refreshing, rejuvenating and re-energising sweet feet treat. This has three different foot sprays: Toots Ease with Rosemary, Sagey Feet with mostly Sage, and Minty Toes with - Mint!

There's also our famous Bugout Bag for holidays. This has a Care Plus 60ml lemon eucalyptus midge repellent, bottle of Itch Ease, and one of Sting Ease to take care of your insect worries.

The natural hessian bags were made for us in India, and tested by us for resistance to sea and sand. Our sprays are our own original formulations, made by us in Scotland to strict Quality standards.

 Sun spray and lotion

Responding to customer requests, we now have sun protection products from Care Plus. There is a very handy pocket size 100 ml factor 50 sun spray and a 100 ml after sun lotion. They are pleasant on the skin and smell like summer and the sun are here at last.

 bite click-away  emergency blanket  walkers first aid kit  tick remover  tick repellent  ticks to go
There's Care Plus "Click-Away" - a bite relief device, emergency blanket for hillwalkers, compact first aid kit for walkers and cyclists, tick remover, 100 ml tick repellent spray and ticks-2-go tick out. Pictures not to scale.
 emergency blanket
The tick repellent and midge repellent sprays are also available in compact 15ml minisprays which can re refilled from the larger size. The travelset in a strong zip-lock bag has a set of five 15ml minisprays: deet repellent, natural repellent, after bite and sting relief, factor 30 sun screen and aftersun.

 pure essential oils
 and body massage and carrier oils
We sell Pure Essential Oils from this website or HerbyEssentialOils. Our essential oils: bog myrtle, camphor, cedarwood, chamomile, cinnamon, citronella, eucalyptus, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, juniperberry, lavender, lemongrass, myrrh, orange, patchouli, peppermint, rosemary, rosewood, sage, sandalwood, tea tree, thyme, vanilla (extract). Carrier oils (also as massage and body oils): apricot and sweet almond. Please note essential oils can only be sent to the UK. If buying oils AND other goods, use the order any product form.

 The three wise men Gold organza gift bags,
 with Frankincense and Myrrh, Cinnamon and Orange, essential oils and candles. For Christmas, Gold Frankincense and Myrrh, the gift bag! A 5ml bottle of frankincense essential oil & one of myrrh, in a gold organza gift bag with a subtle Xmas holly design. To go with it a beautifully scented frankincense and myrrh candle gold gift bag. There's also a Christmas gift bag with cinnamon and orange essential oils, and candle gift bag.

 Dried Bog Myrtle packs Asked for dried bog myrtle (sweet gale) by gruit ale brewers, particularly the USA, we gather it here in Scotland in September, dry and sell it in 10gm, 25gm and 250gm packs. has anti-midge goods only.

Click on a link for Care Plus repellent information, or about the midge and mosquitoes, or ticks.
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 Scottish Midge  Bog Myrtle
 Herbal Products:
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Prices (in GB Pounds) valid at least a month
Midge Head Net, black, green, pink, other   £6.99
Full Midge Monty - Repellent, Itch Ease, Head Net  £17.95
Midge netting 150cm wide - small pack   £4.99
Midge netting fabric - medium pack  £10.99
Midge netting fabric - jumbo pack (0.75kg)    £54.99
Care Plus natural insect repellent spray, 60ml   £6.99
Care Plus natural Stick, 50ml   £6.99
Care Plus natural Roll-on, 50ml   £6.99
Care Plus natural minispray, 15ml   £2.99
Care Plus Deet chemical repellent spray, 60ml   £6.99
Care Plus Deet minispray, 15ml   £2.99
Care Plus Saltidin chemical repellent spray, 60ml   £6.99
Itch Ease for itchy midgie bites, 50ml spray   £6.99
Sting Ease: wasp & bee stings 50ml spray   £6.99
Bugout Bag - Repellent, Itch Ease and Sting Ease  £17.95
Toots Ease tonic foot spray, 50ml spray   £6.99
Minty Toes fresh foot spray, 50ml spray   £6.99
Sagey Feet for sweaty feet, 50ml spray   £6.99
Three Feet, all 3 foot sprays in hessian bag  £17.95
Midge candle - 3 inch pillar 40 hour   £7.99
Compact midge candle in a tin - 10 hour   £5.00
Care Plus SPF50 Sun spray, 100mls  £12.99
Care Plus After Sun lotion, 100mls  £10.99
Care Plus Tick repellent spray 100ml   £7.99
Care Plus Tick repellent minispray 15ml   £2.99
Care Plus Tick remover (grip and twist)   £3.99
Care Plus Ticks-2-go tick out   £3.99
Care Plus Emergency blanket   £3.99
Care Plus walkers First Aid kit   £6.99
Care Plus Click-Away Bite relief   £6.99
Care Plus Travel set of 5 minisprays 15ml  £13.99
Frankincense & Myrrh, Cinnamon & Orange, Mistletoe, Cranberry, Vanilla or Xmas Spice highly scented candle, coloured organza gift bag    £5
All six new organza candle gift bags    £25
Frankincense and Myrrh or Cinnamon and Orange candle in gold holly organza gift bag for Christmas    £5
Frankincense and Myrrh oils gold organza bag    £10
Cinnamon and Orange oils gold organza gift bag    £5
All four gold organza Christmas gift bags    £20
Dried bog myrtle - 10 gram     £3.99
Dried bog myrtle - 25 gram (approx 1 oz)    £8.99
Dried bog myrtle - 250 gram (10 oz)   £70
Dried bog myrtle - 1 Kg (about 39 oz)   £260
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 Midgie Head Net - comfort and visibility.  Midgie Head Net for
 maximum protection,
 comfort and visibility.

 so refreshing -
 our foot spray  comforting spray -
 for wasp and bee stings
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Scented Alba Candles in a shot glass in an organza bag for Christmas - £5 each, £25 for all six

 Cranberry Alba candle in a red gift bag  Misteletoe Alba candle in a red gift bag  Frankincense and myrrh Alba candle in a red gift bag  Cinnamon and orange Alba candle in a brown gift bag  Vanilla Alba candle in a red gift bag  Christmas Spice Alba candle in a red gift bag
Click on any picture for a larger picture, or visit our Alba Candles website for more information. Please come back to order!

All our products are shown on this website, and new ones will be added, but many of our customers are interested in midge products only.
Our midge range website shows just midge products - midge repellent, afterbite, nets and candles, and other midge products we add later.

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A little about midges: There are many species of midge, not all of them biting. The worst of these is supposed to be the Highland Midge. And apparently it's only the female midgie that bites. It doesn't feel that way when surrounded by a cloud of midges - all of them seem to be biting! Supposedly the female needs blood to lay loads of larvae to make baby midgies. It makes you wonder how midges manage to breed if there's no humans or animals around to bite. Also according to urban legend, cold hard winters kill off the midge population. Midges lay their larvae a good few inches into the ground - usually wet, peaty or muddy. Perhaps a hard frost and a freeze can kill them off. I doubt it personally, there always seem to be loads of midges, any year. And not just in Scotland!
For light-hearted information visit out new all about the midge you dare not ask page.

 bog myrtle When we started this website it was going to be all about herbs. But after being tormented by midges while digging up our herb garden, we came up with Itch Ease for midge bites - and were persuaded to start selling it. People in the Highlands of Scotland don't believe we have midges in Largs - we have enough! After being told of the magical natural repellent properties of bog myrtle, where shepherds and others used to put a sprig behind the ear to keep away midges, we developed our midge repellent, but after new legislation would have had to spend a half million pounds to register it, so now sell another natural midge repellent, made with lemon eucalyptus which is registered. So many midge head nets were really just mosquito nets with big holes, or uncomfortable to wear, we went on to design our own better midge head net and were then persuaded to develop midge candles. You can check out our origins, and we'll keep going with insect repellents and other anti-midge products, but one of these days we'll also get back to our overgown herb garden ...

Totally Herby of Scotland are founding members of the Scottish Wild Harvests Association. We cut bog myrtle and dry it, taking care to preserve the natural environment and sustain the bog myrtle shrubs. This helps us get a better crop next year!   We've published our environmental policy after customer requests, and run an online directory of Herb Growers and sellers, for which we welcome small and even large businesses to register for free. Please note we do NOT sell fresh herbs or plants.

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